3rd grade flat gingerbread man exchange...needs your help
Kristen--Wheatfield NY

    My name is Kristen I live outside of Niagara Falls NY and
    I am helping my daughter's 3rd grade teacher organize a
    project. I am in need of willing participants. The project
    will consist of each participating class to make 16 paper
    gingerbread men, depicting facts about the area or state
    that you live in. I will include a link at the end of this
    email to a site that I got this idea from. This shows
    examples of gingerbread men they had received while doing a
    similar project. Then those 16 will be sent out, one to
    each of the participating schools from all around the
    country. This will teach the students many different skills
    including geography, map skills, writing and social studies.
    A bulletin board can be made with a map and when the
    gingerbread men are received, a map marker can be placed
    from that school. We will need 17 schools to participate,
    since you wouldn't send one to your own school. The
    students can brainstorm, research, and create the
    gingerbread men individually or as a group. If you are
    interested all I will need from you is your school address,
    and your name, so that I can give a list of class names to
    all participants. If you are not interested, please share
    this idea with another third grade teacher. I would like to
    get this project started right after Thanksgiving, so that
    the gingerbread men can be mailed out by December 10th. If
    you are interested please email me back by November 12th.
    This will allow for other classes to be contacted if you
    cannot participate. Here is the link to the similar project
    to give you a better idea.
    Thank you,
    Kristen Skobjak Wheatfield,NY