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"Life at the Limits: Earth, Mars, and Beyond"

The Lunar and Planetary Institute invites you to join an
Earth-bound exploration of astrobiology on July 10-17,

Life at the Limits: Earth, Mars, and Beyond is a NASA-
sponsored training workshop for middle-and high-school
science teachers (others welcome, including pre-service
teachers, informal educators, education specialists, early
college instructors, and junior college instructors). At
field sites in Nevada and California participants will
investigate some extreme geological and chemical
conditions in which life on Earth can thrive. This hands-
on, real-world experience will enhance classroom teaching
about earth and space science, especially about what
organisms need to survive and the search for past and
present extraterrestrial life. Astrobiologists and
planetary scientists will lead the field and laboratory
experiences, helpin...See More

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