NASA Summer Fieldtrip/Workshop Announcement
M. Higbie

    "Life at the Limits: Earth, Mars, and Beyond"The Lunar and Planetary Institute invites you to join an
    Earth-bound exploration of astrobiology on July 10-17,

    Life at the Limits: Earth, Mars, and Beyond is a NASA-
    sponsored training workshop for middle-and high-school
    science teachers (others welcome, including pre-service
    teachers, informal educators, education specialists, early
    college instructors, and junior college instructors). At
    field sites in Nevada and California participants will
    investigate some extreme geological and chemical
    conditions in which life on Earth can thrive. This hands-
    on, real-world experience will enhance classroom teaching
    about earth and space science, especially about what
    organisms need to survive and the search for past and
    present extraterrestrial life. Astrobiologists and
    planetary scientists will lead the field and laboratory
    experiences, helping to connect the field observations
    with the search for life in our solar system and beyond
    through discussions and proven, hands-on, standards-based
    classroom and laboratory activities that are ready to
    share with students!

    For more information and to access the on-line
    application, please visit

    Applications Due: March 23, 2005

    We hope you can assist us in distributing this workshop
    announcement to listserves, potentially interested
    individuals, or incorporate it into appropriate
    newsletters. We don't want anyone to miss out on this
    wonderful opportunity!

Life at the Limits: Earth, Mars, and Beyond