Re: job outlook in Delaware

    Hi Heather....I am from DE, lifelonger....yikes. Anyway, it
    depends on what you are looking for. Have you checked out yet? Lots of postings on there. If you like
    the beach, go to Cape Henlopen. Great district, great
    location. You could also look at Milford or Indian River.
    Woodbridge, Delmar, Seaford, are in Sussex County but lots of
    farms. Capital is urban (taught there 3 years -- tough), CR is
    great. Smyrna is ok. As far as being around Wilmington, Red
    Clay and Brandywine are pretty good. Hope this helps. Email me with any more questions.

    On 7/07/05, Heather wrote:
    > On 6/17/05, looking elsewhere wrote:
    >> Hi,
    >> Looking for elementary teaching jobs outside of PA - What
    >> is the outlook for jobs? Is it as hard as PA to land a
    >> teaching job in DE?
    >> What are some nice areas to relocate in Delaware?
    >> Thanks@!@!
    > I don't know about Deleware I am looking for the same thing
    > but it is very difficult in New Jersey!