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I have published one book: 7001 RESUMES, it is a job search book and you can find it on the internet in most book sites. I will have two more coming out soon: JUMP START YOUR CAREER, and JUMP START YOUR COMPUTER SKILLS. The "Career" book is for HS grads. and Adults entering the world of work for the first time. And the computer book is for training in the classroom. I have been developing it for over 2 years. They are coming soon. I hope to publish Jump start, this fall, and the computer book in the Spring of 2003.

If you are interested let me know. I have taught 7,001 in Adult Ed. classes as a Career training book.

For information give me a call at 714-996-4221 or 714-515- 6103 or E-mail me.....

The computer book, I believe is better that "Future Kids" and should cost a lot less.

my book 7,001 is now in some colleges, Libraries, HS, and ROP's throughout America.



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