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Learn to speak, read and write French from a language
specialist who knows what it's like to start from scratch
and follow it through to a level of total fluency. That is
to say, I know what it's like to learn French from an
American's perspective, so I don't make the assumptions
that native instructors will often make about what you
understand and what you don't, what's basic and what's
tricky, etc. Also, you get explanations to all your
questions in clear English, not Frenglish!

I'm a recent gradudate and have enough teaching experience
and great ideas to make this really fun. I received formal
recognition for teaching English in three elementary
schools in the South of France. I've tutored French here in
the states for the last three years, from beginning to
advanced students. So write me so we can meet, my prices
are rather reasonabloe because, truth be told, I have fun
doing this!

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