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My name is Courtney Wright and I am a graduate of Peabody
College of Vanderbilt with secondary certification (7-12)
in English. Currently, I am a graduate student at
Northwestern University working under the direction of Dr.
Michael E. Roloff in the Department of Communication
Studies with a concentration in Interaction and Social
Influence. For my 2nd year project, Professor Michael E.
Roloff and I are conducting a research study entitled,
Classroom justice, principled dissent, and tenure status:
Instructor reactions to perceived unfairness (IRB Project
# 0423-055). The purpose of this research study is to
explore instructor perceptions of, and reactions to,
justice violations within school policies and procedures.

I am in desperate need of a population to sample and thus
I am asking you, my fellow educators, if you would be
willing to volunteer for my study and complete a
qu...See More

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