We Need YOU!

    Hi everyone,
    >> Let's make this exchange a reality. We currently have
    >> California, Conneticut, Florida, Georgia,
    >> Illinois,Indiana,Kansas, Massachusetts,Michigan,
    >> Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Ohio,
    > Oregon, South Carolina,Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, West
    > Virginia,and Wisconsin.
    >> If you don't see your state listed, we need you!
    >> This is a really nice and worthwhile project. The idea
    >> that I get a committment from a teacher to mail
    >> from their state to the remaining 49 states. Likewise,
    >> during the months of September-October their class will
    >> also be receiving their postcards. Only one class per
    >> state is taken.
    >> It's really a great project and all grade levels are
    >> accepted.
    >> You can have students purchase a postcard, have them
    >> donated, or as teachers do almost always--purchase
    >> You can have the students address them and maybe write
    >> little about their state. It's great for S.S and
    >> Your students will enjoy receiving the postcards, and
    >> anxiously wait for the next one to come in.
    >> I hope you can join our group!
    >> E-mail me or post a message and I will get back to you
    >> soon as possible
    >> Please e-mail: Your Name
    >> School Name
    >> Grade
    >> School Address
    >> E-mail
    >> Hope to hear from you soon,
    >> Perla