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I'm moving to Delaware from Philadelphia next year and
would like to teach there instead of having to commute back
to Philly to my current job. I've taught for 14 years in
the Ardiocese of Phila. and am in my 4th year as a public
school teacher. Is there anyone on this board who can give
me some sort of guidance as to exactly how to get my name
out in Delaware? I've gone to the big teacher's job fair at
the university there, and also to a smaller one. It seemed
like DE preferred to hire their own first, but I know there
has to be some sort of concession some where, I just don't
know where. I'm certified in Elementary Ed. as well as
Middle Schools Language Arts. I'm planning to go for
certification in Middle Schools Social Studies this year

I'd hate to have to commute back and forth to Philly to
work, but plan to do so only if I have no other choices.
Does anyone have any suggestions that ...See More
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Gwen. /blockquote>

On 10/02/05, Gwen wrote:

Karen, thank you for responding to my post. Your advice sounds
very good and I plan to take it. I plan to put my house on the
market in late December or early January. It surely would be
nice to know that I'll have a teaching position in Delaware to
go to once the next schoo...See More
Oct 2, 2005
PA teacher /blockquote>

Hi Gwen,

Another possibility is to live in Delaware, but teach in a
close by Pennsylvania school district (I think districts in
southern Chester County would be closest). That's what I do
and the commute is only about 20 minutes. I think Cecil
County Public School District in Maryland is also very c...See More
Oct 7, 2005
Gwen /blockquote>

On 10/09/05, Gwen. wrote:

Thanks PA teacher.

That sounds good too. However, I have no knowledge on southern
Chester County or Cecil Public School district in Maryland. Can
you give me a "heads up" or a link to where I can start my
search for info? If not, I'll start asking around and try to ...See More
Oct 9, 2005
PA teacher /blockquote>

Hi Gwen,

Southern Chester County is definitely NOT like the city of
Chester. Here is a website that has links to all the school
districts in Chester County:

[link removed]

The ones I would say that are definitely within commuting
distance to Delaware are Avon Grove (more rural, but rap...See More
Oct 9, 2005
Gwen /blockquote>

On 10/10/05, Gwen. wrote:

Thanks. I see I have lots more work to do. I'll let you know what

Thanks again.


On 10/09/05, PA teacher wrote:
> Hi Gwen,
> Southern Chester County is definitely NOT like the city of
> Chester. Here is a website tha...See More
Oct 10, 2005

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