Re: Moving to DE and Would Like to Teach There

    On 10/02/05, Gwen wrote:Karen, thank you for responding to my post. Your advice sounds
    very good and I plan to take it. I plan to put my house on the
    market in late December or early January. It surely would be
    nice to know that I'll have a teaching position in Delaware to
    go to once the next school year begins instead of dreading the
    long ride into Philly each day.

    Can you give me any info on the other disricts besides
    Christina? I know a little about Cape Henlopen, Capital, Caesar
    Rodney, and Red Clay, but not much.

    Thanks again for your help. Have a great school year.


    On 10/02/05, Karen wrote:
    > Gwen,
    > The best advice that I can give you is to fill out an
    > application for each of the districts that you want to teach
    > for. The biggest district is Christina.
    > The next part to this is to send a personalized letter to
    > the principals of the schools about May and then again in
    > July. The principals do the hiring in the schools, so it
    > makes their lives easier if they have all of the paperwork
    > just sitting in front of them. This is how I got several
    > interviews.
    > On 10/01/05, Gwen in Philly, PA wrote:
    >> I'm moving to Delaware from Philadelphia next year and
    >> would like to teach there instead of having to commute
    > back
    >> to Philly to my current job. I've taught for 14 years in
    >> the Ardiocese of Phila. and am in my 4th year as a public
    >> school teacher. Is there anyone on this board who can give
    >> me some sort of guidance as to exactly how to get my name
    >> out in Delaware? I've gone to the big teacher's job fair
    > at
    >> the university there, and also to a smaller one. It seemed
    >> like DE preferred to hire their own first, but I know
    > there
    >> has to be some sort of concession some where, I just don't
    >> know where. I'm certified in Elementary Ed. as well as
    >> Middle Schools Language Arts. I'm planning to go for
    >> certification in Middle Schools Social Studies this year
    >> too.
    >> I'd hate to have to commute back and forth to Philly to
    >> work, but plan to do so only if I have no other choices.
    >> Does anyone have any suggestions that I can try? Thanks to
    >> anyone who can help me, and if not, I guess I'll just keep
    >> on trying until I'm successful.
    >> Gwen.