Re: WASHINGTON POST - William Allan Kritsonis
William Allan Kritsonis

    Dear Colleague:
    The Washington Post at one time featured articles
    dealing with political issues facing schools. As we all
    know, politics impact all aspects of schooling. Newspapers
    throughout the nation publish articles written by authors
    with rich backgrounds in education.William Allan Kritsonis, PhD
    PhD Program in Educational Leadership
    Prairie View A&M University
    Member of the Texas A&M University System

    On 11/02/05, Sarah wrote:
    > Hello!
    > I am wondering how to get into teaching summer school. I
    > will graduate in February with a degree in English Ed. I
    > would like to teach summer school this summer before
    > actually getting a teaching position.
    > Does anyone know about the process of finding a summer
    > job? Should I just randomly mail out my resume and apply
    > for a summer position, or are there postings/hirings
    > available as summer nears?
    > Thanks for any help!