Re: New Castle County: any jobs?

    On 11/28/05, Miss Bailey wrote:
    >> Hi, I just moved to Delaware in June and applied for jobs
    >> in every New Castle County school district. I did not get
    >> one phone call for an interview. I was highly disappointed
    >> because I am a certified CT teacher and was in the process
    >> of obtaining DE Certification. I have taught Middle School
    >> for 7 years in an Urban school. I have a degree in Spanish
    >> and History and an M.S. in Education. I am not sure how
    >> they do their hiring.
    > Yikes, not what I was hoping for but exactly what I expected.
    > Were you applying for elementary positions? I'm sorry to hear
    > that. Thanks for sharing.
    > I'm desperate to get out of Florida, a.k.a. hurricane alley,
    > the states I'm interested in aren't hiring teachers. It looks
    > like I'll be stuck here until I'm blown away; literally.
    Sorry to sound so negative but I was looking for a middle
    school position. I have since decided to go back to school for