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Re: New Castle County: any jobs?

    I am a Wilmington, Delaware teacher. Here is my advice that I
    can give you. Put applications into the school districts
    offices. Then, send your resume and cover letter to the
    principals. The principals in most schools do the hiring, so if
    you put the resume in their hands it makes their lives a lot
    easier. I got several interviews, and I was told because that
    my resume made it to their desk.

    On 11/28/05, Miss Bailey wrote:
    >> Hi, I just moved to Delaware in June and applied for jobs
    >> in every New Castle County school district. I did not get
    >> one phone call for an interview. I was highly disappointed
    >> because I am a certified CT teacher and was in the process
    >> of obtaining DE Certification. I have taught Middle School
    >> for 7 years in an Urban school. I have a degree in Spanish
    >> and History and an M.S. in Education. I am not sure how
    >> they do their hiring.
    > Yikes, not what I was hoping for but exactly what I expected.
    > Were you applying for elementary positions? I'm sorry to hear
    > that. Thanks for sharing.
    > I'm desperate to get out of Florida, a.k.a. hurricane alley,
    > the states I'm interested in aren't hiring teachers. It looks
    > like I'll be stuck here until I'm blown away; literally.