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Help anyone help need any information possible.

My name is Amanda Larkins, I am 26 years old and I
currently live in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. I am
interested in coming to Delaware to teach in the
elementary \ special needs department of a school. I hold
a Bachelors of Arts in Learning Difficulties \ Learning
Disabilities and I currently completing my teaching
certificate in Elementary School Teaching in the UK. I
have a few questions to ask and would really appreciate
any information \ advice available.

As this is a beginning of my looking into this can you
tell me what qualifications Delaware is looking for from
their prospective teachers? As stated before I do have a
degree in Learning Disabilities from a British University
and in addition I have been working with learning
disabilities for the past 2 years.

Another question I have is how should I go about looking
for a positio...See More

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