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I am looking into moving to Delware and was wondering which
school districts are the best to try to get into? and if
anyone knows which ones are hiring? thanks
Karen /blockquote>

Most do not hire until end of June beginning of July. If
you want to work summer school, that is a way in to a school.


Christina, Red Clay, Colonial, Brandywine, Appoquimik,
Caesar Rodney-- I have heard good things from all.
Feb 11, 2006
Jill /blockquote>

I am going to a job fair in March and The Capital School
District will be there and so will the Milford School District
can you tell me if these are good school districts thanks!
Feb 13, 2006
Karen /blockquote>

I did my student teaching in the Milford School District. Very
good schools in a small city.They are huge on Rennaissance
Learning programs. Capital School District is a lot bigger,
with more elementary schools then Milford. I know in the
elementary schools it is like night and day with the population
in...See More
Feb 19, 2006

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