Re: Teaching Jobs in Delaware
Elem. Teacher

    AYP stands for Adequate Yearly Progress and is part of the No
    Child Left Behind Act. Schools are "scored" each year based on
    certain criteria which determines whether or not they have made
    adequate progress. Try the link at the bottom for more exact
    info.On 6/28/06, linda wrote:
    > What are AYP stats?
    > On 6/03/06, Jamie wrote:
    >> I saw that someone mentioned to you. That
    >> is a great site. Have you tried job fairs? You can often
    >> view online recruiting schedules. If a school at which you
    >> really wish to work is going to be recruiting at a fair near
    >> you, then I would suggest that you make up an impressive
    >> packet and meet their recruiters in person. (The alternative
    >> would be to hand-carry into the school, but this way you have
    >> a chance to talk to them one-one-one.)
    >> Several of the better schools absolutely recruit. Another
    >> responder mentioned Red Clay, Appoquinimink, and Caesar
    > Rodney
    >> as good schools, and I KNOW that they all recruit. That is
    >> how I found my job. :)
    >> Oh! Something else that helped was that I emailed the head
    > of
    >> personnel from each school with a powerful "cover letter" to
    >> explain how much I wanted to move to DE, how serious I was
    >> about relocating, how I'd love to work in a school with a
    >> great academic reputation, etc. I looked up AYP stats and
    >> really perused each school's website before I sent each email
    >> so that I could really personalize them. I had exceedingly
    >> favorable--and nearly instantaneous--responses. Some of the
    >> schools had an online application process, so this helped my
    >> name to be more recognizable in their databases. What do you
    >> have to lose?
    >> I wish you the best of luck if you're still hunting for a
    > job.
    >> I saw that someone said that most schools don't hire until
    >> later in the summer, but I know that several have already had
    >> deadlines pass and already done their hiring. Several others
    >> have deadlines coming soon. I bet you've already applied,
    >> though. :)