Great Arizona Teach-In Education Career Fair

    www.TeachinAZ.comThe Arizona Department of Education, Exceptional Student
    Services is excited to announce the First Annual Great
    Arizona Teach-In. This 'One-stop shopping' event will
    provide comprehensive information to current and future
    education professionals. Schools from around the state
    will be conducting interviews to obtain the best and
    brightest to serve Arizona students. A resource room will
    feature information on a wide array of education career
    employment issues (finger printing, certification,
    investigations, etc.) and participants will be able to
    obtain comprehensive information, all under one roof.

    In the expo center, Arizona colleges and universities will
    be on hand to provide information on programs and
    resources for participants. Schools from around the state
    will provide information on career opportunities, and
    vendors will have the opportunity to promote products to
    assist educators with providing quality instruction.
    During the Teach-In, workshops will be conducted on a
    variety of education related topics, designed to provide
    contemporary information for current and future education