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If you were not…
I was there when our President of these United States
visited Boston in 2001,
and I saw the added security and limousines at terminal b.
Overall it wasn’t
that bad, which led me to assume that there were several
agencies involved in
preparation for this visit. Massport knew that I was
there, and I’d heard some
small talk on the radio about it, but I wasn’t in the
airport for very long. The in-
tone utterance, while I was standing beside a military
officer at the LEX express
terminal in Woburn, was the Oklahoma City federal building
President Bush also visited Boston Latin High School
on Louis Pasteur Road,
where I was the university shuttle, near ‘the Fenway’ and
Harvard Medical
School area. Not to be confused with nearby Fenway
Baseball Park. These were
two separate visits with the second after September 11th,
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