Join The Ollie Project!!

    We still need: AK, DE, HI, MN, MT, NE, NM, ND, OR, SC,
    SD, UT, VT, WV, WYOur project centers around a stuffed puppy named Ollie!
    He wants to travel across the country meeting children
    from each state. We are looking for a participating class
    from EACH OF THE 50 STATES! (This project combines a
    traveling buddy and a 50 state postcard exchange)

    TO LEARN MORE. . .
    and click on Ollie's Travels or Traveling Buddy Project

    Ollie will travel around the country. He will have time
    to visit each class for ONE DAY ONLY. If he stayed
    longer, and it took him a week to get to the next state,
    it would end up taking almost a full year for his journey
    (remember, there are 50 states and 52 weeks in a year)!!
    We want to hurry him along on his journey so that
    he is able to make a full trip around the United States
    before school lets out for summer (many let out in May).

    Each class will send a postcard to the other classes to
    let them know that Ollie has arrived safely. We can learn
    more about your area if you also include other information
    about your state.

    Please also send 1-2 paragraphs by email describing what
    your class did with Ollie. Include digital pictures
    and/or links to your classroom or school web pages! I
    will add this to his online travel journal, so all classes
    can keep track of his travels!

    IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN SIGNING UP, please copy and paste
    following information into an email and send it to
    I hope you will join us!! Thanks! Karen :o)

    Full Name:
    "School Name" (ex. Mrs. Stamp):
    School Name:
    School Address:
    School City, State, and Zip:
    Work Phone Number (including area code):
    Classroom or School Web Address: http://
    Date your school year begins:
    Date your school year ends:
    Winter Break dates:
    Spring Break dates:
    Other extended break dates:

Mrs. Stamp's 2nd grade class