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Every teacher is entitled to a duty-free lunch and
planning and preparation time. Except for a few minor
changes made in the 1995 rewrite of the Texas Education
Code, the statutes have essentially remained the same.

Duty-free lunch – Texas Education Code, Sec. 21.405
By law, each classroom teacher and full-time librarian
gets at least a 30-minute lunch period “free from all
duties and responsibilities connected with the instruction
and supervision of students.” According to a Texas
Attorney General opinion, the term “duty” would include a
directive that teachers remain on campus during lunch,
because it would relate to student instruction or
supervision. Districts cannot require teachers to stay on
campus during their 30-minute lunch even if the campus
is “closed” for students.

The law provides exceptions—personnel shortages, extreme
economic conditions or unavoidable/unfor...See More

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