Need Delaware for 50 States Quilt project! K-2 only
Becky Mallatt

    My name is Becky Mallatt and I am from Oregon. I am
    organzing a 50 state quilt block exchange and I have all
    but 10 of the states ready to go. Delaware is one that I
    don't have yet. I know this is a long shot, but I came
    upon your this chatboard, so I thought maybe I could send
    you the info and maybe one of the K-2 teachers here would
    like to participate. It will be totally free for you to
    join us, because the grant pays for everything. Here is
    the info I have posted on several websites. If you would
    like to join or know someone else from Delaware who would,
    PLEASE reply ASAP. thanks so much and have a great day!I received a "Kids in Need" grant for a "50 State Quilt
    Exchange." Here's how the project will work: I will get
    one teacher
    from each of the 50 states to agree to make 50 identical
    PAPER quilt squares to represent their state. They should
    be 6" square, done TLC-style (cut/glued paper). For
    instance, we made a beaver on ours because Oregon is "The
    Beaver State." Washington could be a pine tree design
    it's "The Evergreen State" and Florida could be a big sun
    because it's "The Sunshine State." You will also need to
    have a
    written piece, also 6" square, to go with each square
    (simple, kid-
    friendly, short and simple, writing pieces). They can all
    be the
    same. I am planning to do an interactive piece with my
    whole class.

    My grant will pay for you to mail me your completed
    squares and
    writing. I will then redistribute your 50 squares into
    files for each
    state, so that after I have gotten everything, I will have
    a file for
    each state with all 50 states' quilt squares and writing
    pieces. I
    will then send that file back to you. THEN you can either
    make them
    into a 50-states quilt piece that you can display in your
    school, OR
    maybe make it into a book - this part is up to you.

    If you are interested, please email me ASAP to my school
    email,, or home email,, giving me the following info:

    Your name & State
    School address

    I will confirm with you and will then send you detailed
    Please respond ASAP as we need to get this project going
    as quickly as we can.

    Becky in OR