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My name is Becky Mallatt and I am from Oregon. I am
organzing a 50 state quilt block exchange and I have all
but 10 of the states ready to go. Delaware is one that I
don't have yet. I know this is a long shot, but I came
upon your this chatboard, so I thought maybe I could send
you the info and maybe one of the K-2 teachers here would
like to participate. It will be totally free for you to
join us, because the grant pays for everything. Here is
the info I have posted on several websites. If you would
like to join or know someone else from Delaware who would,
PLEASE reply ASAP. thanks so much and have a great day!

I received a "Kids in Need" grant for a "50 State Quilt
Exchange." Here's how the project will work: I will get
one teacher
from each of the 50 states to agree to make 50 identical
PAPER quilt squares to represent their state. They should
be 6" square, done TLC-style (cut/glu...See More

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