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I am starting a post card exchange for the 2007-2008
school year. We will start mailing out postcards September
10th and have them all mailed out by April 1st. I will
email you a list of participants by August 27th with the

I want this to be a learning experience for my students.
They will experience writing addresses and they will learn
the locations and a few facts about each state. You can
send pre-made postcards or make them yourself.

Once I get the list of participants (with their school
addresses) I will mail one to everyone on the list. Each
class would send a postcard to everyone on the list. So,
by the end of the exchange, your class would send a
postcard to hopefully every state and receive one from
every state too! The real purpose is to have a fun way to
study each state.

Please keep in mind that if you decide to drop out of the
exchange, you need to let...See More

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