Please join us!!!

    We still need:
    Delaware, Hawaii, Montana, Rhode Island, Utah
    I'm a teacher from NYC and I'm organizing a postcard
    exchange for the 3rd year. We are sending and receiving
    postcards from all over the USA. I'm not sure if you're
    familiar but here's how it works:
    You have to purchase 50 postcards w/ your state's pictures
    on them. You also have to purchase postcard stamps. But you
    can either ask for a dollar from each student to help out
    w/ the costs or on your supply list, ask each student to
    purchase a postcard. I'm from NYC so postcards here are
    very cheap (20 for $1) so I only ask each kid to bring in $
    for 2 stamps.
    Once you get your postcards, you and your students do some
    research about your state (ex. population, state bird,
    what's the weather like, fun things to do there, and write
    a little about your town and class) and you write this info
    on the back of the postcard and mail it out and you'll get
    50 postcards back from all over the country! It's really a
    fun project for the kids. Let me know if you're still
    interested. Thanks!

    This will be my 3rd year organizing a postcard exchange.
    Please note that we'd prefer bought photo postcards rather
    than made cards. All cards must be out by the last week of
    November. And only write me if you are really committed to
    making this project work.
    Are you interested in joining? Email me at:

    Please send your name, school name and addy, and the grade
    you teach. Thanks!