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We still need:
Delaware, Hawaii, Montana, Rhode Island, Utah

I'm a teacher from NYC and I'm organizing a postcard
exchange for the 3rd year. We are sending and receiving
postcards from all over the USA. I'm not sure if you're
familiar but here's how it works:
You have to purchase 50 postcards w/ your state's pictures
on them. You also have to purchase postcard stamps. But you
can either ask for a dollar from each student to help out
w/ the costs or on your supply list, ask each student to
purchase a postcard. I'm from NYC so postcards here are
very cheap (20 for $1) so I only ask each kid to bring in $
for 2 stamps.
Once you get your postcards, you and your students do some
research about your state (ex. population, state bird,
what's the weather like, fun things to do there, and write
a little about your town and class) and you write this info
on the back of the postcard and mail it out an...See More

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