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My class will be reading the story the Gingerbread Man and
doing a project with it. I am asking if anyone would mind
assisting with this... if you would like to please email
me at [email removed].

Project letter:
My name is the Gingerbread Man, my friend in CLass 2H was
reading a story about me and i jumped out of the storybook
to visit you. My friend at school is wondering where I
have run to. Please help them by sending them a picture
postcard showing them the area where you live. This
postcard will be posted on a large map of the world
outside of my classroom. This will help the children by
showing them how different parts of the world look. I
know my friends will enjoy hearing from you and learning
where I have run! Thank you for your help! Got to go!
The Gingerbread Man

** If you would like to help my class please email me at
[email removed].

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