interested in 50 State Postcard Exchange?

    Hello all! I'm looking for an elementary class that is
    interested in a postcard exchange project. If you, or
    someone you know, is interested please let me know. I'm
    missing a participant for your state. For this exchange, we will all send a postcard to the other
    49 state participants during the school year that contains
    a real-life (not kid-drawn) picture of their state (or a
    feature of the state) and some fun facts for the students
    to learn. (I saw had some good deals on
    state postcards bought in bulk). Once I gather all the
    state participants, I'll forward the addresses of everyone
    before school starts (in label format so you can peel and
    stick). In this email I will let everyone know what month
    they are to send their cards out. This way we get them
    throughout the year. I will also try my best to send a
    friendly reminder at the beginning and end of the month for
    those who are to send out to help remind everyone.

    Please email me with the following information so I can
    mark you down as the participant for your state.

    Your name (with appropriate abbr. Miss, Ms., Mrs., Mr.)
    Your school name
    Your school address
    Your grade level

    If you have any other questions, please feel free to email