Are you willing to raise your voice for positive change?
    Rosanna Pittella

    Everyone, if you are an educator who can clearly identify
    the issues we face in education, ready to stand up, be
    counted, and actively speak out and raise our voice for
    the changes we all KNOW must be made - there is a movement
    making its way across the country to NY this November you
    should know about (

    The One Voice Institute of Elemental Ethics and Education
    is an organization
    with a mission: to facilitate positive, critical change in
    educational processes
    and policies in 2008 and beyond.

    The strategy at the heart of all activities and events
    hosted by The One Voice Institute
    of Elemental Ethics and Education is three-fold:

    The first goal is to support and amplify the voices of
    educators, to gather useful
    information gleaned from their varied experience, and to
    organize and publish their
    suggested resolutions to problems plaguing academic

    Secondly, the organization is dedicated to the publication
    and dissemination of
    practical solutions and steps authored by the experts into
    the hands of the political,
    government, and business leaders to educate those that
    will invariably influence the
    future of learning in the United States and throughout the

    Finally, The One Voice Institute of Elemental Ethics and
    Education will make every
    effort to raise the consciousness of its audience with
    regard to the positions,
    philosophies, perspectives, and track records of political
    candidates running for office
    with regard to issues of education.

    If you are thinking to yourself "it's about time!" go to and join with your peers
    across the globe who feel the same way. Your voice is
    needed. Will you raise it?

    One Voice