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    Delaware ARTC Program

    I am a mid-career professional in IT (mostly databases) and
    market research analysis with a BS in Comp Sci (and double
    minors in Economics and Psych) and an MBA. I am looking to
    pursue a career change into teaching either Science
    (probably need some more credits, but I'm close), Math (not
    a Math major but very close credit-wise, especially since
    my MBA had a heavy statistics component), or Business
    Ed/Computer Science.

    I have been exploring and inquiring about "Alternate Route"
    programs throughout the Northeast from Maine to Virginia.
    Have had moderate success interviewing with Fellows
    programs in New York and Baltimore, but didn't make the
    cut. Have interviews pending in a couple of other places
    as well in April.

    To my surprise, the Delaware ARTC program pre-qualified me
    from my transcripts for both Math and Business Ed, pending
    Praxis II scores (I took 0061 on March 14 and I'm sure I
    got way more than the 121 needed in the state for Math, I
    haven't taken the Business Ed Praxis II exam yet).

    Now this program is unique in that you are supposed to use
    this prequalification to get a job in DE and then the
    school assists with your training in the ARTC program to
    get full certification, etc.

    What I want to know is: what is this program like? And
    what are my chances of getting an "ARTC job"? It would be
    good to know as I would relocate for this career
    opportunity (I currently live in NY State). The ARTC folks
    told me to go on regularly and note
    ARTC in my profile so I get interviews. In 3 weeks the
    only position I saw was one for a charter school in
    Wilmington and no response to my application/resume.

    They also encouraged me to go to the education career fairs
    that are being held at Univ. of Delaware on April 21-22.
    Do you think they are worth my going to, or am I too much
    competing with experienced teachers (and about-to-graduate
    U-Del education majors) and wasting my time?

    Please let me know, I haven't made a motel reservation yet,