Re: Dover DE Praxis test center

    I'm answering my own question, in case it may help someone
    else: The exam is given at the Del. St. Univ., ON the campus
    in the Bank of America building (it is not out on the highway
    as MapQuest shows). Enter via the campus main gate and there
    are signs (don't park at the first sign, keep driving 'til
    you get to the BOA building itself). There is a large parking
    lot. There was a long line of test takers in the lot, but
    once the doors opened it was quick getting to the specific
    room for your specific test. They say you must arrive 7:30
    but the exam will not begin until 8:30 --frankly you could
    arrive at 8:15 and be okay. Once you check in at the testing
    room you are free to leave and come back, if you wish. You
    are also permitted beverages. They provide pencils and a
    sharpener, if you need them. If you finish the exam early you
    may leave, unless it's within the last 15 minutes of the
    allotted time, then you must wait (which makes no sense but,
    whatever). Dress strictly for comfort and in layers as the
    room temp varies.

    On 7/06/09, njnew09 wrote:
    > Hello - I'm taking the Praxis on 7/25 in Dover, DE. Can
    > someone advise me about the Dover test center, esp. in
    > terms of parking? is there parking right at the center?
    > metered? etc. Just so I can plan my travel accordingly,
    > allow time, have change for meters if need be, etc. The
    > last thing I want is to be frazzled, or worse, late to the
    > exam, due to trying to find parking. Any advice would be
    > greatly appreciated! Thank you!