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Does anyone know, or know where I can find information, about getting certified? I will be graduating next year with a bachelors degree in childhood/special ed from a private college in New York. Thanks!
Jamie Basically, you need to figure out which certification exactly you want. Then, go to ETS' website and search for the cut scores in DE for that test.

If you want to double check them, you can look on the DEEDS, or De Dept. of Ed. website.


On 7/09/09, Sarah wrote: > Hi, > > Does anyone know, or know where I ...See More
Jul 10, 2009
Sarah Hi Sarah, You are smart to be thinking about this a year before you will be graduating. I am new to DE this, too, had to meet certification requirements for DE. Jaime pointed you in the right direction by going to the DE Dept. of Educ. site. (setting up a DEEDS account) That's where I started...had to take the Praxis 2 (Content Knowlegde)...See More
Jul 23, 2009

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