Re: certification

    Hi Sarah,
    You are smart to be thinking about this a year before you will
    be graduating. I am new to DE this, too, had to meet
    certification requirements for DE. Jaime pointed you in the
    right direction by going to the DE Dept. of Educ. site. (setting
    up a DEEDS account) That's where I started...had to take the
    Praxis 2 (Content Knowlegde)...was exempt from the Praxis 1
    becuase of my prior teaching experience. I did want to add that
    there is a pretty large 2 day teaching job fair held at the
    Univ. of DE (each April) called 'Teach Delaware Day and Project
    Search' (think that's correct) It was there that I made the
    contact for my new position. Having Special Ed. certification
    should really help you too. Good luck!

    Sarah (yes, another Sarah)
    **if you need to take the Praxis 2, I would suggest you take it
    long before you have to. I took it last Sept. knowing I
    wouldn't be returning to teaching until this school year...would
    have plenty of time to retake it if I didn't pass the first
    time. (I don't do well under pressure)...Well, couldn't sleep
    the night before...less than an hour of sleep (contemplated not
    showing up as I was exhausted), but indeed went, and received
    the 'Recognition of Excellence' certificate for my
    score...highest I'd scored on any test. Maybe I would have done
    better on the SAT (years ago) if I hadn't slept! If you do have
    to take the Praxis 2, let me know and I'll share the resources I
    used to prepare.

    On 7/10/09, Jamie wrote:
    > Basically, you need to figure out which certification exactly
    > you want. Then, go to ETS' website and search for the cut
    > scores in DE for that test.
    > If you want to double check them, you can look on the DEEDS, or
    > De Dept. of Ed. website.
    > ~Jamie~
    > On 7/09/09, Sarah wrote:
    >> Hi,
    >> Does anyone know, or know where I can find information,
    >> about getting certified? I will be graduating next year
    >> with a bachelors degree in childhood/special ed from a
    >> private college in New York. Thanks!