Oscar James

    On 8/27/02, Speaker to Women wrote:
    I'm so far behind the times on this Women
    Exploited World Wide that if I say anything
    possitive or negative on Women's struggle
    for complete economic, intellectual, sexual, and
    reproductive freedoms that I hesitate.Because anything said by moi can be misconstrued,
    turned anti, or ignored outright
    Being raised by a single parent mother, seeing her
    personal fight with her boyfriend to
    get higher education and the fights in which I had
    slashed the guy all over his face before
    mama finall used a .22 gun (she missed every freakin
    time never even winged him.)

    Isn't a qualifier but tells me women have to some on
    some sneaky aspects of males, whine less (done) and
    find out whom is the enemy (not done), I'm skiddish
    about women ever since Ms. L. Bobbit but that could be a
    good thing however I learned from by mama's exman
    how not to be, and stepfather (Tailor/ gambler) to enjoy
    the hours give me and not
    take for granted woman friend or stranger because I have
    enough enemies among males and dealiest of species
    is female.

    Women can never give up, give in, slack off or men will
    take advantage. Get women to vote for your own and have
    multiple issue platform not just one.
    And I know women are as corruptable as men but also
    know you may be less likely have wars than come to
    Do you know your may not have egg limitations beyond
    something about resetting women's reproductive clocks.

    All are probably suggestions you've heard I just want to
    place my 2 cents in and hope its
    taken in the spririt its given.
    I really don't like this ideological war of the sexes it does
    either sex no good if in all ends with women and men
    splitting of from each other or worse like 'Prez Shrub Jr.
    killing off both parents, children in the Middle East.