Re: Pass the Praxis/Biology Test


    I will be taking both biology exams in June. I am worried about the
    essay exam more than anything. Was the essay exam very difficult? I
    have been studying my biology book (by Campbell & Reece) and Cliff
    Notes so I hope that helps. I guess I am worried because I will not
    know what's going to be asked.

    On 4/21/09, Jo wrote:
    > I found it very helpful to take all the end of year tests posted
    > online. If you google Biology Exam they come up...especially VA
    > state exams from past years. ETS also has a full exam you can
    > buy to take that also scores you (raw and curved) and
    > catagorizes your answers so you know what sections to work on.
    > I am 8 years out of school and passed these exams. If you can
    > find a college Biology book just reading through that gives you
    > the majority of the answers. Cliff Notes also makes study
    > guides that overview each science subject, but not in great
    > enough detail to go by on their own. Best of Luck!