Re: Sorry make that 2003/2004

    On 7/24/03, Terry wrote:
    > Teachers,
    > If you are looking for an internet project to get involved
    > in this year, please check this out. It will begin the
    > first week of October and run through February. It will tie
    > Social Studies and Science curriculum together through
    > comparing community and weather data.
    > I have done this project in the past, students enjoy it and
    > they learn a great deal.
    > Use the link to see the details, if you are interested
    > please leave your information at the site on the 'i note!
    > If you
    > see that someone from your state has joined, that is okay.
    > We can have multiple participants from the same state. If
    > you have any further questions email me.
    > Thanks,
    > Terry Stoufer
    > Project Coordinator

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