Mr. Chandler

    Jobs of any sort can be hard to come by. I am just interested in
    Delaware because I think that it would be more along the lines
    of what I am used to. Do they generally hire out of state in
    Delaware? I will begin student teaching in Colorado in four days
    so I would probably be ready to go for the 2007-08 school year
    in Delaware.
    On 9/30/06, Tessa wrote:
    > On 9/09/06, I don't think so wrote:
    >> How naive can you be?There ain't no teacher shortage. This
    >> is a way for colleges to get (steal) your money and stiff
    >> you with loans.
    > Well, I'll take your word for it. You sound like a reasonable
    > person. I'm sure if there were a shortage, you would be the
    > first teacher hired!