Re: [Academic] Rigor vs Vigor - What do you think?

    On 1/27/13, Teachers.Net Gazette wrote:
    > School principal ("Head of School") Todd Nelson says:
    > "We are fairly accepting of the use of the word "rigor" as a
    > positive term for high standards and accomplishments in lots
    > of things, including education. As it turns out, "vigor"
    > might be a much better choice."
    > Read in the very short piece linked below, why Todd Nelson
    > finds "vigor" the more appropriate term.

    The commonly accepted definitions of rigor and vigor are no
    problem for most of my colleagues. Rigor and vigor are great
    words for those student with a will to learn. For others,
    rigor and vigor have a different meaning.
    if a student is failing in our county, the teacher must
    completed so much paper-work, meet and conference with so many
    people, and still bear the (tax-payer) burden of guaranteed
    promotion thru infallible remedial opportunities, that the
    wisest course is to provide ample opportunities for extra
    credit. Oral exams such as, "What is your name?" can earn
    many of those extra points. Rigor and vigor -- a matter of
    perspective . . .