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I'll be taking the GKT in 2 weeks and I was wondering if anyone knows the passages from the Reading section for this month. Thanks in advance!
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Roz @daniel, Daniel send me the passage you have and I will forward you the ones that i have. I can't help with the essay prompts. I already passed it. rozmerick@msn.com
Feb 11
Di5ney Hey guys I just saw this thread. I would really appreciate if you guy can recommend some resources for the Grammar portion of the test. I take it this month and I am really nervous
Di5ney The ELA portion
Feb 11
soccermami Nashloveart, did you pass the test? can you please share? Please?
Feb 23
Lynn0612 @Di5ney - I used the Navaed English guide - passed first time! Take all 4 practice tests and READ the answer explanation at end of test - very helpful for me.

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