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I took the GKT for the third time Jan 31st. I did pass English, but failed the reading. still waiting for the essay.

Essay topic was: Evaluate and analyze the costs and benefits of reading as a pastime compared with internet as a pastime.

Reading passage: vaccine, graffiti, drama and i forgot the other one.

Please share the passage and essay topic for next month (march), i need to pass the reading and essay.
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Di5ney For the Grammar do u recommend anything? I'm taking it this week. I have been studying for a month and a half and I am really nervous.This will be like my fourth attempt at it.
Feb 11
Suri At 13:30 in Melbourne. Does anyone know the passage and essay for March?
Feb 12
yinpingrue Hi, Did you find out the essay prompts for February? Could you please share with me? I have some of the passages on quizlet that I could share with you if you still need it. Here is my email: yinpingrue@gmail.com. Thank you!!
Feb 14
Suri No, still no idea for the essay. I am doing the reading and essay on march the 6th. I will email you the prompts.
Feb 14
Clint can someone please send February and/ or March essay topics. djohnson10@rams.umobile.edu
Feb 15

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