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I failed the reading,english and math a week ago. I go back in March but i need help with some resource that help you pass. I have the nava ed and the cliff notes book but im still failing. I use the chompchomp and khan website but still failing the test. Please if you have any suggestions or ideas can you help me.
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Jesni05 I used Navaed and Cliffnotes, also an app in my phone "photomath" that explained me the steps to resolve a math problem.
Kids I can help with math. I passed 5-9, 6-12, and GKT math
Ladylovethekids08 Hi @Lele19, can you please send me some materials for the math too please. My email is mc_pt2013@yahoo.com
Feb 12
Gary Did the Nava ed have the math that was on the test, or did you find it very different?
Feb 13
Ms. J @Gary, I just took the GK Math on February 9 and the practice test has similar skills you should practice however only some of the questions are identical to the real exam. There were several measures of central tendency problems, multi step equations, probability .... I took my exam in the Orlando area..
Feb 13

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