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i took the gk test today between the hours of 1:30 to 5pm and i passed the math.

the essay topic was the advantage and disadvantages in implementing healthier food choices and cooking practices in schools to reduce obesity.

reading passages:

- hollywood

- Louis pasteur


-graffiti vs. modern art

I failed the reading and the english : (

i used the navaed books and videos, khanacademy.com, and alot of youtube videos.

when i went in for the english portion i felt like what i studied in the navaed book was super easy compared to the test.
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MDiSchino I just took the GK reading and had the same passages, I did not pass as well. I just don't know what to do anymore
Mar 20
Azarel Love for the math i did not use nothing special except the navaed book. Every tuesday 5-6pm on facebook navaed does math webinars which also helped as well
Monipooh Did you use quizlet to study for the reading portion?
Mar 20
Azarel Love yes i did but i feel like they changing somethings up on us cause they see that we working together. my coworker didn't study the answers to the passages and she passed.
Mar 25

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