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The Florida Legislature is actively researching and examining ways to improve and streamline the teacher certification system, including the FTCE Program. A potential FTCE fee change comes as a result of these efforts.

On March 19, 2019, the State Board of Education (SBE) will review and append a new fee structure that will be effective April 22, 2019. New registrations created on or after this date will have the new fees automatically applied.

Examinees with scheduled appointments have two options:

Take the test as scheduled and pay the current fee. No refunds will be offered if this option is chosen.


Cancel the appointment associated with the current test fee and wait until April 22 to schedule a new appointment with the new fee. If the appointment is cancelled at least 24 hours prior, a credit of original test fees will be applied to the credit or debit card used. When re-registering as of April 22, the new fees will automatically be a...See More
FTCE If you wish to take advantage of the new fee then you cannot schedule your test until April 22. The fee is still $150 to reschedule from now until April 22. Here in my county, if I wait until April 22 to reschedule, then I am looking at test dates at the end of June....
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