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Good evening everyone,

I just took the GKE Reading for the second time and did not pass.

Time and location: 6:45pm Broward

My passages:

Born to Run

Buchanan (Eads bridge)


Graffiti vs Art

I used Quizlet.

The "Born to Run" Quizlet was not helpful at all. None of the questions from the Quizlet were on my test. Most of the Buchanan Quizlet questions/answers were on my test. The HBCU's passage was new to me ... never heard of it from any of my peers or this website. Graffiti vs Art had 4 or 5 questions, 3 of them were on Quizlet.
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mirel Thank you Michelle, I will share as well when I take it tomorrow in Ft.Myers. But if someone has the Acid Paper, Born to Run or/and the HBCU I would be so appreciative. Thank you, marnel458@yahoo.com
Apr 11
mcda07 Can somebody share the HBCU passage with me please? I'm taking the test for second time at the end of the month. My email is martika2002@hotmail.com. Thanks in advance
Apr 12
dmn0815 which part of broward?
Apr 12
mirel I took the Reading this afternoon, failed. I had the same passages. I have only two months to pass, so tired. If some has these passages please share marnel458@yahoo.com
Apr 12
Michelle Valerie @dmn0815 Ft. Lauderdale (33rd Ave)
Apr 15

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