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I passed the math . I don't know if it's something new or it has always been like that, but the test only had 40 questions not 45 which definitely helped with the time factor. There were many questions that not necessarily meant calculate something (description of figures and determine what figure it was, what was wrong with a graph, what graph represented a function etc)

For the Essay it was something about the benefits and limitations of choosing a major upon entrance to college.

Hope it helps, this website has helped me a lot, don't stop sharing
Bee HI, I was told the math is ONLY supposed to have 40 questions, they choose who they want to give 45 questions to. I had 40 questions back in Oct when I took it and I thought it was wrong, I messaged the help desk on ftce and I was told 40 or 45 questions is fine, they usually try to adjust from time to time. Congrats on passing!!! :) I am overthink...See More
help4ftce Hi congrats on passing the math! What did you use to study?
help4ftce Hi congrats on passing the math! What did you use to study?
Grasfresco Please, could you tell us in which location exactly did you took the test...in any local of Miami Dade College...please I really appreciate your help. I going to take essay portion in this month.
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