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Sharing that today the essay prompt was about the shortages in math, science and administration and discussing two strategies that would counteract this shortage.

Thank you to everyone who has shared, I studied so I was prepared but I don't know if I did okay. Praying!
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Lulu22 Fingers crossed and prayers lifted on your behalf. I had this same prompt on January 11th. I found out yesterday that I finally passed. Usually they do not post scores until a Monday night at 10 pm. However, mine was on there last night. I am not sure when it was posted I just checked it by chance. So keep a look out, your results may be posted ear...See More
Jan 27
Lauren Berg Sending prayers and good vibes your way. I had that same prompt this past Wednesday, January 22. I will pray that you passed!
Jan 27
jenny garcia Lulu22 please can you help me with the talking points that you wrote. I really appreciate it. jenifica11@gmail.com
Jan 27
Lulu22 Jenny, I restated the prompt in my own words in paragraph 1. I gave 1 strategy in paragraph 2 which was incentives and listed 3 incentives. I think they were higher pay, less testing and lower testing fees. In paragraph 2 the strategy I used was recruitment. The details I used was to use local admins to travel to other states to recruit potential c...See More
Jan 28
jenny garcia Thank you Lulu22
Jan 30

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