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Hi, i took essay in feb but didn't pass. Has anyone gotten same prompt on their re take?
jeniffer Same with me. I did an excellent essay, I fallow the example that they have in Florida teacher certification site. For me it look like just one person grade it and the other no, I was very confident to passed it, I get 5, when before I did a incomplete essay and they give me 6. I can't believe!
Mar 25
PPanda Frustrating... Not sure what they look for. My first essay I went in just to see how it was, zero prep. I got 7. I eventually passed thank God, but with the worse written one.. Go figure....
mikeL I got a 6 and was confident that i passed. The WORST part is the practice essay i did, was exactly what my prompt was on - community service requirement to graduate HS. :(
mikeL It really isn't fair that we're only given 50 minutes. its too much pressure! We're teachers, not journalists who would be the only ones required to write something in a time crunch.
jeniffer I am losing every month half of my salary and I want to ask for verification. Please, if somebody knows what happen when you as for the verification can be kind and write in here, to have an idea. Thanks
Mar 26

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