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Hi everyone, I will take my essay today at night, any advice will be greatly appreciated.
bebe @Amy..... I took the essay yesterday in Orlando too. Let me tell you, I had plenty of time to think, and evaluate what I wrote about. I think I developed the Essay good, lets see in a few weeks, for now just think about what you going to write, and try to write the prompt in the beginning middle and at conclusion so you don't lose the person who is...See More
Volkswagen Which prompt did you get?
Tsch @bebe - What was your prompt? I know it probably does not matter especially since I am not even on the same coast. However it is good practice.
bebe Tsch, I got " students must take remedial math courses to enter college, benefits and challenges."
bebe @Amy, how did you do?? which prompt did you get ????

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