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Hi! Whoever took the essay exam today please please post, I take it on Tuesday and will update everyone as well. Thank you sooo much
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Nardi @jojo: OMG I do not understand the prompt ;(
Oct 19
ana.motlagh Than Jojo, I don't understand this topic .Do we have to compare reading actual book by internet surfing, or compare them as something to pass the time?
Oct 19
flteacherexams @nardi @ana.motlagh hi i found this from previous years "Americans prefer browsing the internet as a pastime instead of reading books. Discuss the costs and benefits of browsing the internet as opposed to reading" .....now.... i dont know if this means we are supposed to do 1 cost 1 benefit of reading in one paragraph ... and then 1 count and 1 ben...See More
flteacherexams also i apologize but i cant take it tomorrow because of a family emergency so I pushed it to this Friday.... i hope i can take it then
magare Is the prompt says High Demand or Storage? Mathematics, Science, and English as a Second Language (ESL)
Oct 20

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