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So far I have seen three essay prompts sharing:

*Advantages and disadvantages of adding tax to sugary drinks

*Advantages and disadvantages of declaring a major upon entering college

*Many people rely on organizations of political, religious, or other groups. Explain two challenges that these representatives face when meeting obligations with their members.

We still need two more. Please share yours if you have taken the test. Thank you!
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DawnK My essay today was Companies are offering stress reduction, exercises and health education. Evaluate the costs and benefits of such programs.
Luna What are good ideas for the advantages and disadvantages of taxing sugary drinks.
DawnK Luna... when I planned this one I was thinking Advantages: reducing consumption or purchasing which may decrease the rate of obesity, the extra tax $ could create physical facilities like gyms and sports fields. Disadvantages: lower income families would have less $ to spend on more nutritious foods/drinks, people may switch to another sugary food ...See More
Mane21 DawnK where did you take your test at? (Location)
Mane21 DawnK where did you take your test at? (Location)

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