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Please if you took your Essay test in this month of April, post your prompt, with just one I can help to predict the others four. That means if you do not pass it you can know what will be for your next test.
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jeniffer maroza, thanks for post your prompt, my prediction againg was right. the 5 prompts are going to be for 3 months, april to june. After you take a test you have to waith around one and half month, it means that you have to be prepared in the other 4,
Apr 20
BandB Teachers, there's a great outline for writing from Brown college. I Googled college essay outline and found it. I don't use the 3 body, I only use two body paragraphs for a total of four paragraphs. Hopes this helps.
Apr 27
Enmaai does anyone by chance know more about the Health initiatives prompt (schools? universities? teachers? students?) maroza, could you ask your friend about any details on that? I have my essay next week, just want to study everything possible...Thank you in advance!
May 18
Also, we always have problems with essays, and I didn't know how to do them to be 100% good. That's why I started to use services that deal with professional essay writing. The last one I used was this one https://edubirdie.com/write-my-essay-for-me Edubirdie seems to be one of the best in that it does everything fast and securely. It is classified...See More
May 23
Sancal1 Hello Jennifer, Are you going to predict the prompts for August through October? Thank you so much.
May 30

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