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Does anyone have any suggestions, tips. resources for Reading K-12 Test? I really need to pass it. Any useful websites? Please advise
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RSamad @Alitas, please send us the info. Would really appreciate it.
Jul 27
Alitas GM When someone ask for help, can you please leave your contact info... email, phone, etc... I get lots of people asking for assistance, I may have forgotten someoone... I apologized..Thanks.
RSamad @Alitas I had sent you my email address a couple of weeks ago. I'm sending it again raveensamad@gmail.com Please send me the info when you get a chance. TIA
KDP33311 @Alitas Please send to me as well, its vpugh001@fiu.edu
Alitas I do not have resources for Reading K 12 as many think I do :( I have for GK reading. I am actually looking for K 12 reading endorsement resources myself :(

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