Re: Salary scale for Hawaii teachers

    It's is a hard on to figure out. Basically as long as you are
    teaching you keep getting pay raises based on a percent
    increase in what the union has negotiated in the contract. So
    if the next 2 year contract calls for a 4% raise over 2 years
    teachers salaries may increase 1% 4 times over the contract
    period. Or may increase 2% at the beginning of the first year
    of the new contract and 2% increase again at the beginning of
    the second year of the contract.
    This changes w/every contract.
    - Now get this: the most recent contract, that only 53% of
    the teachers voted on, calls for "random, mandatory drug
    testing as part of the new contract". The teachers who did
    vote overwhemingly voted no for the contract approval, however
    all the teachers that did not go to polls to vote were counted
    as a yes vote. So it was approved.
    a majority of the teachers that chose not to figure could not
    afford another strike like the one about 6 years ago.

    On 5/10/07, Brian wrote:
    > Hello,
    > How is the pay scale for teachers constructed in Hawaii?
    > I was on the phone with recruitment today. She was saying
    > that you don't move up in pay each year. Rather your
    > salary stays the same from year to year until the teachers
    > union negotiates a mass pay raise for all teachers.
    > This can't be right. If that were the case, you would be
    > hired in at about $41k for SATEP 6, and then never receive
    > a pay raise until the next union contract negotiation.
    > Every state I've seen has a year-by-year pay increase
    > built into the guide. There is no way you start out at
    > $41k and then stay there next year and the year afer.
    > How would anybody reach maximum? I can't seem to find
    > *any* information on what a Hawaii teacher is paid beyond
    > step 6. For example, what does a Hawaii teacher on step
    > 10 earn?
    > All I could find was this:
    > Underneath the chart, it says this: "The classes II, III
    > and VII are entry levels on the Teacher Salary Schedule."
    > So where does the salary go after this? I've spent at
    > least 6 hours trying to find this information out.
    > There has to be a pay grid somewhere.