Re: Salary scale for Hawaii teachers

    Pat: It is right that if you start at 41K, you stay at 41K until
    the union negotiates a raise or you complete 15 credits, aligned
    with your school's ACFIN, through PDERI. After step 7 you remain
    at the same salary unless and until the union negotiates. Good
    luck. On 5/23/07, Pat wrote:
    > You have to be a teacher, and log onto the HSTA website to see
    the full pay
    > scale. All you need is you last name and SSN.
    > On 5/10/07, Brian wrote:
    >> Hello,
    >> How is the pay scale for teachers constructed in Hawaii?
    >> I was on the phone with recruitment today. She was saying
    >> that you don't move up in pay each year. Rather your
    >> salary stays the same from year to year until the teachers
    >> union negotiates a mass pay raise for all teachers.
    >> This can't be right. If that were the case, you would be
    >> hired in at about $41k for SATEP 6, and then never receive
    >> a pay raise until the next union contract negotiation.
    >> Every state I've seen has a year-by-year pay increase
    >> built into the guide. There is no way you start out at
    >> $41k and then stay there next year and the year afer.
    >> How would anybody reach maximum? I can't seem to find
    >> *any* information on what a Hawaii teacher is paid beyond
    >> step 6. For example, what does a Hawaii teacher on step
    >> 10 earn?
    >> All I could find was this:
    >> Underneath the chart, it says this: "The classes II, III
    >> and VII are entry levels on the Teacher Salary Schedule."
    >> So where does the salary go after this? I've spent at
    >> least 6 hours trying to find this information out.
    >> There has to be a pay grid somewhere.